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24 Hours Sticker Printing Service in Singapore

Welcome to our website dedicated to printing waterproof die-cut stickers and product labels. We offer a wide range of options including round, square, rectangular, or custom-shaped stickers to suit your specific needs. Our stickers are easy to peel and paste, providing convenience and efficiency.
At our print shop, we work with various materials to guarantee the best results. Choose from glossy mirrorkote, matte stickers, vinyl stickers, kraft stickers, satin stickers, gold and silver stickers, transparent stickers with white ink printing, and more. Our diverse selection ensures that you'll find the perfect sticker material for your project.
In addition to standard printing, we also provide special effects to make your stickers stand out. Opt for embossing effects using clear ink or hot stamping to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness. You can even choose glass stickers or removable stickers for versatile usage.
If you are looking for vinyl letter cutting, we offer professional installation services as well.
Trust us for all your sticker and product labeling needs. Contact us today to bring your vision to life!


Types of Stickers, Decals, and Labels

  1. Stickers:

    • Paper Stickers: Made from paper, ideal for indoor use.

    • Vinyl Stickers: Durable, weather-resistant, and suitable for outdoor use.

    • Clear Stickers: Transparent, blend with surfaces, and often used for branding.

    • Die-Cut Stickers: Custom-shaped stickers, cut precisely to the design.

    • Bumper Stickers: Designed for vehicles, made to withstand weather and car washes.

    • Holographic Stickers: Reflective and change colors in light.

    • Static Cling Stickers: Stick without adhesive, reusable, ideal for glass surfaces.

    • 3D Stickers: Have a raised surface, giving a textured or embossed effect.

  2. Decals:

    • Vinyl Decals: Similar to vinyl stickers but often larger, used for walls, windows, and vehicles.

    • Transfer Decals: Have a transfer tape to apply intricate designs easily.

    • Wall Decals: Designed specifically for wall decoration, often removable and repositionable.

    • Window Decals: Used for glass surfaces, can be one-way view or see-through.

  3. Labels:

    • Paper Labels: Common for products, shipping, and packaging.

    • Waterproof Labels: Made from synthetic materials, resistant to water.

    • Foil Labels: Made with metallic finishes, used for a premium look.

    • Thermal Labels: Used in thermal printers, popular for barcodes and receipts.

    • Embossed Labels: Have a raised surface, giving a tactile feel.

    • Custom Printed Labels: Fully customizable for branding and marketing.

Materials Used

  1. Paper: Affordable and versatile, suitable for indoor applications.

  2. Vinyl: Durable, weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor applications.

  3. Polyester: Strong, tear-resistant, used for long-lasting labels.

  4. Polypropylene: Waterproof and chemical-resistant, used for durable labels.

  5. Foil: Metallic finish, used for decorative and premium applications.

  6. Static Cling: Non-adhesive, used for temporary applications on glass.

  7. Holographic Film: Reflective, used for attention-grabbing designs.

Printing Methods

  1. Digital Printing:

    • Fast and cost-effective for short runs.

    • High-quality prints with vibrant colors.

    • Suitable for custom and variable data printing.

  2. Screen Printing:

    • Ideal for large quantities.

    • Durable and vibrant colors.

    • Commonly used for t-shirts, decals, and signs.

  3. Offset Printing:

    • High-quality prints.

    • Economical for large runs.

    • Used for labels, stickers, and packaging.

  4. UV Printing:

    • Used for Vinyl Stickers, Transparent material. Can print with White and Clear Ink

    • Water Proof and scratch proof.

  5. Embossing/Debossing:

    • Creates raised (embossed) or recessed (debossed) designs.

    • Adds a tactile element.

  6. Foil Stamping:

    • Adds metallic finish.

    • Used for decorative and premium applications.


  1. Branding and Marketing:

    • Product labels, packaging, promotional stickers.

    • Enhance brand visibility and customer engagement.

  2. Retail and Packaging:

    • Price tags, barcodes, packaging labels.

    • Provide information and branding on products.

  3. Automotive:

    • Bumper stickers, car decals, window stickers.

    • Customization and advertising.

  4. Home and Office:

    • Wall decals, organizational labels, decorative stickers.

    • Personalization and organization.

  5. Industrial:

    • Safety labels, equipment tags, barcode labels.

    • Identification and safety compliance.

  6. Events and Promotions:

    • Name tags, event badges, promotional giveaways.

    • Enhance event experience and marketing.

  7. Crafts and DIY:

    • Scrapbooking, handmade products, personalized gifts.

    • Creativity and personalization.

Understanding these types, materials, printing methods, and applications can help in choosing the right stickers, decals, and labels for specific needs.

Shapes of Stickers, Decals, and Labels