Food Labels (Custom Size)

Food Labels (Custom Size)

PriceFrom $8.00

A3/SRA3 Sheets of  Reactangular Die Cut to custom size Easy to Peel Stickers:
We print many pieces of stickers on one sheet. We try to fit as many pieces as possible onto a sheet.
Available material and Sheet Sizes:

Mirrorkote (with or without Lamination) / Wood Free:
Sheet Size 390x243mm
Sheet Size 366x267mm
Sheet Size 440x263mm

Sheet Size 416x287mm

Sheet Size 435x261mm

Sheet Size 411x285mm
Synthetic Waterproof material:
Sheet Size 420x266mm

Sheet Size 396x290mm




    For any reason if order is cancelled after payment is made, there will be charges for abortive works. there will be NO refund in cash. Refundable amount will be offset against next print order.

  • Ordering/Printing/Collection Timing

    Standard (3 Working Days Mon-Fri between 9AM-5PM): Choose this option if you are not in a hurry and can wait for the completion. Placing Order and Collection during 9AM to 5PM . Printing will be done during day hours and once completed you will be notified to collect. In general it may take up to 3 Days depending on the work volume. We cannot guarantee which day it will be ready (within 3 Days)  under “STANDARD”.If you need it on a specific date, go for “URGENT” order. 

    Urgent (Start Work Immediately between 9AM-5PM. Same day / Next day collection): This option is to commence work immediately. Completion depends on volume and queue, generally within few hours/days between 9AM to 5PM.               

    Night Printing (Between 5PM-9AM next Day):: Choose this option to place order / printing and or completion between 5PM to next day 9AM or continue until job is completed depending on the print volume.

  • Instructions to send print files

    Indicate you sticker SIZE and email design files to
    If the file size is larger than 20MB send via

    If you are sharing your online Drive please ensure giving access to the drive

    If you are sending ai (adobe illustrator files. outline the fonts and send.