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Please note the cost is only for binding, Printing is not included. You need to place an order to print separately.
Introducing our Wiro-O-Binding service, perfect for creating presentable and professional-looking projects, reports, and business proposals. The sleek and durable design of Wiro-O-Binding ensures that your documents are securely bound and easily accessible. The simple and clean finish of Wiro-O-Binding adds a touch of sophistication to any presentation or report, making it ideal for impressing clients and colleagues. Our expert binding service ensures that your documents are neatly and securely bound, giving your work a polished and refined look. With our Wiro-O-Binding service, you can elevate the professionalism and presentation of your projects, reports, and business proposals.


  • $10 Service charge is applicable to all orders. We may charge additional charges from $1 to per file for file handling to open multiple files (up to 5 files are FREE), preparation of files,  resizing or handling word, excel and powerpoint files, addign bleed etc  or for waiting/standby.

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