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One box of 100 cards. ONE Side Printing. Size 54mm x90mm. No Lamination
Affordable High-quality printing Customizable design Perfect for networking events or business meetings Our Name Cards 1 Side (No Lamination) offer a fast and affordable solution for your printing needs. With high-quality printing and a customizable design, these cards are perfect for networking events or business meetings. These cards are printed on one side only, making them a cost-effective option for anyone on a budget. Get your name and contact information out there with our Name Cards 1 Side (No Lamination).

We cannot print with borders accurately. Our machine printing and cutting cannot achieve consistency. The top-left-bottom-right will not be same border width and from card to card it will may vary. Can we remove the border and print? If need consistency then need to go for offset printing , each name must be 10 boxes and the lead time for offset printing is 1 week.

Please note that the colours or vibrance of your artwork you see on the phone screen or computer screen, will not be 100% matching with the printed pages. Screen has lights and paper do not have light. And if your artwork was prepared in 'RGB" colour mode , the printed colours which is using CMYK ink will will vary. the same file printed using different machines may result in different outcome even though the machines are using CMYK ink. If you are particular about colours , you need to come down to ur office to test print and may go through trial and error to get the right colour on the prints that is acceptable to you. Please note there will be additional charges for such process. We many not be able to do colour testing or adjustments for small orders.

Name Cards 1 Side (No Lamination)

PriceFrom $5.00
  • $10 Service charge is applicable to all orders. We may charge additional charges from $1 to per file for file handling to open multiple files (up to 5 files are FREE), preparation of files,  resizing or handling word, excel and powerpoint files, addign bleed etc  or for waiting/standby.

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