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Black & White Printing one side of a sheet. For small quantity of less than 100 pages

Black & White Printing ONE side of a 80gsm A4 sheet. For small orders of less than 100 pages. Looking for a printing solution for your small quantity needs? Our 1 Side Docs Small Quantity Printing is the perfect fit for you. This service is ideal for printing presentation decks, training material, project work, business pitch, worksheets, and other valuable documents in monochrome laser print on high-quality paper. With various thickness options available from 80gsm to 400gsm gloss or matte, you can choose the perfect paper for your document needs. We are also able to various other sizes like A7,A6,A5,A4,A3 and custom sizes as large as 330mm wide x 940mm long.

1 Side B&W Docs Small Quantity Printing

  • $10 Service charge is applicable to all orders. We may charge additional charges from $1 to per file for file handling to open multiple files (up to 5 files are FREE), preparation of files,  resizing or handling word, excel and powerpoint files, addign bleed etc  or for waiting/standby.

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